CCRM serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, 365 days a year without cost to the homeless and struggling residents of the community. Our chef’s expertise and his heart of compassion strengthen men, women and children. Volunteers help prepare, serve and clean up.


Emergency shelter for men is provided for 30 consecutive nights in a 60-man dorm, 24-man dorm and overflow mats and chairs. Men and women who participate in our addiction recovery programs are sheltered for 9 months to a year as part of their program.

We have also begun a 6-bed, short-term shelter program for women in cooperation with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.


Clean, usable clothing supplied by generous donors is given away free of charge at our new, more spacious clothing distribution center, Blessingdale’s. Faithful volunteers accomplish the large task of sorting and hanging clothing. CLICK HERE FOR HOURS AND DONATION INFORMATION