Thank you for providing back-to-school supplies!

On August 20th, you helped provide 500 disadvantaged children with the necessary school supplies to start the year off right. Thank you for your compassion! Check out some of the faces you put smiles on!

Thank you for offering our needy neighbors healthcare…

Dr. Kessler and John

Thank you for helping suffering people like John.

John has been homeless on and off for a couple of years. He shares, “I keep looking for an affordable apartment, so I can have enough money left to live on.” He declares, “It’s not easy to find.”

John is grateful for the Rescue Mission, “I’m thankful for shelter and good meals at the Rescue Mission. I also really appreciate the Free Clinic. Today, Dr. Kessler saw me. I’ve been able to get medicine for my ears when I need it.”

John adds, “Thank you for easing my physical problems and assisting me in every way; it makes such a difference.”


Christine - Free clinic

Christine is grateful for diabetes supplies.

Christine came to Albany recently with her husband from Texas. She has no insurance, is a diabetic, and is without her necessary supplies. The trailer they were towing remains in South Carolina.

She came to the Free Clinic in critical need and was able to immediately see a doctor. She smiles, “I am grateful to receive what I need to take care of my diabetes. Thank you.”


J.C., a patient, mentions it is also his first time at the Free Clinic. He shares, “I have asthma and have had trouble breathing. I’m almost out of my inhaler and have no insurance. God bless you for taking care of me.”