Thank You for Giving Generously to Blessingdale’s!

Dorothy with puzzle 2 2014

“It’s a blessing to get what I need. Thank you!”

Dorothy was homeless for 7 months, but recently moved into an apartment not far from the Rescue Mission. Two of her granddaughters, age 9 & 12 live with her. She eagerly offers, “Blessingdale’s has provided pots, plates, cups, spoons, forks & knives, sheets and pillows … also clothing for me and the girls. Today, I found church clothes and shoes… and a puzzle for my granddaughters.” She adds, “It is truly a blessing to get things I need so I don’t have to buy them. It all makes a difference. Thank you so much.”

Caasi shopping 2014

“My boys are growing so fast I’m glad I can get clothes here.”

Caasi, who also just moved into the south end of Albany, is a stay-at-home mom with 2 sons. Her boys, age 7 and 9 are growing fast and she is glad she can get clothes for them at Blessingdale’s without charge. She also has received blankets, towels and pillows which helped in setting up her apartment. She smiles gratefully, “It’s so good to have a place and people who give freely. It adds up to be a big help. Thank you, thank you.”


Thank You for Providing School Supplies!

Thank you for filling backpacks!

Thank you for filling backpacks!

With your help, we gave away over 500 backpacks to less fortunate children in our community so they can start their school year off on the right foot.   Thank you for your help!